• Educate users to reduce the Insider Threat

    Many organisations focus almost entirely on the threat presented to their IT security from external attack, these risks do form a large part of the threat landscape overall however there is also conclusive evidence that supports the argument that a greater and often unseen risk exists from within the network and on the inside of your organisation.

  • Managing & reducing the Insider Threat

    The dependency of modern business on information technology and its core data has never been so great, always-on, flexible and agile computing is an absolute necessity for us to undertake almost every aspect of our fundamental business processes.

  • How to Safeguard & Protect Your Most Important Asset: Data

    In today’s digital and social age, protecting a company’s proprietary information has become increasingly complicated, and highly dangerous if the rights steps aren’t followed. The information security team is one of the most important functions of the IT department. Yet, as companies spend more time and resources on information security, there is one area that has only recently being recognised as the most prominent Achilles’ heel: Insider Threats.

  • Safe Computing & User Monitoring

    Safe Computing & User Monitoring Computer users are responsible for more data breaches and IT security incidents than external hackers and remain the number one priority for UK businesses to address within their security strategy moving into 2017.

  • NHS Trusts Zero Spend on Cyber Security in 2015

    Seven NHS trusts, serving more than two million people, spent nothing on cybersecurity in 2015.

    Unfortunately this was a common theme in across UK business in 2015 with some organisations not increasing their investment in cyber security despite suffering from an incident.

    The number of security breaches increased in 2015 and the scale and cost of breach handling has nearly doubled, despite this not as many organisations increased their spending in information security in 2015 as they did in 2014 and fewer organisations expect to spend more in the future.

    Furthermore; breaches are increasingly shown to be due to people within an organisation – often inadvertently.

    Whilst more traditional technical controls have their place, organisations should take the opportunity to look towards investing in newer and emerging technical solutions that address the human factors present in Information Security breaches.

  • Ethical Data Management = User Access Monitoring.

    Nearly every aspect of business is dependent on some form of data access, it is a fundamental part of everyday operational practice. How do we ensure we process data in an ethical manner? User Activity Monitoring provides an organisation wide solution that can identify data access anomalies that do not conform to an ethical approach to data management.

  • Tesco Bank theft shows UK Business needs to take cyber security more seriously

    The attack on Tesco Bank should finally be the tipping point for businesses to take cyber security as seriously as they should and to think of it as a business imperative rather than just an IT problem, said Adrian Davis, managing director for Europe, Middle East and Africa at (ISC)2, the world’s largest independent body of information security professionals.

    However, he said he fears that will even this attack will go largely unheeded, even though it is a clear sign that business is losing control of risk.

  • Tesco Bank: 20,000 customers lose money in suspected Cyber Fraud.

    Tesco Bank has halted online payments for current account customers after money was taken from 20,000 accounts.

    The bank’s chief executive Benny Higgins told the BBC he was “very hopeful” customers would be refunded within 24 hours.

    Robert Schifreen, editor of the computer safety website Security Smart, said Tesco Bank must tell people what happened and how fraudsters obtained customers’ bank details.

    “It could be somebody who works at Tesco Bank who’s had access to the database. It could be somebody else, who Tesco have passed information to, and that information has been hacked.

  • Blood Donor Data Breach - IT Contractor leaks 550,000 personal records online.

    The personal data including the addresses of more than half a million blood donors across Australia has been compromised in a massive security breach at the Red Cross, which has been blamed on human error.

  • UK to increase national cyber-defence grid

    Automatic defences to stop hackers hijacking websites or spoofing official domains will get a boost from a £1.9bn government cybersecurity strategy.

    Other defences that intercept booby-trapped emails or shut down thieves impersonating bank websites will also be expanded.

    The strategy will also help enlarge specialist police units that tackle organised online gangs.

    Some cash will go towards education and training of cybersecurity experts.

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