Safe Computing & User Monitoring

Safe Computing & User Monitoring Computer users are responsible for more data breaches and IT security incidents than external hackers and remain the number one priority for UK businesses to address within their security strategy moving into 2017.

Encourage safe computing in the workplace by raising awareness and educating users by carrying out the following steps;

Maintain your acceptable use policy (AUP) and ensure staff are aware of the contents and its importance.

Provide all staff (new & existing) with simple but adequate training on the cyber threat and explain how they can play a part in safe computing.

Issue regular news and updates on data breaches, cyber-attacks and their cause.

Underpin the above with the deployment of a User Activity Monitoring (UAM) solution that can provide constant monitoring, real-time security alerts and comprehensive user activity audit trails

Read more on the benefits of UAM; SeccurWatch UAM

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