Managing & reducing the Insider Threat

The dependency of modern business on information technology and its core data has never been so great, always-on, flexible and agile computing is an absolute necessity for us to undertake almost every aspect of our fundamental business processes.

We issue desktop or mobile devices along with permitting access to line of business applications and the data contained therein to new-hire members of staff in month one of their employment just to enable them to carry out their daily duties.

Systems and data access reigns supreme.

There is however a significant consideration to be made in allowing all that access; exposure to potential malicious activity and risk of data leak increases exponentially as the number of users and devices increases, these issues are presented by the Insider Threat. Computer users are the primary cause of data breaches and IT security incidents and addressing these issues should be the number one priority for UK businesses within their security strategy in 2017.

Businesses must recognise and manage this growing issue (quickly) if they are to maintain an acceptable level of security within their computer user activity and data access, not only to protect information about our own operation but also the data we hold that contains detail about customers or supply chain partners. Consider the potential fines, damage to reputation, loss of customers and revenues faced if a security incident occurred and no precautionary steps had been taken to reduce risk or prevent the incident.

How then do you begin to address these issues in the hope of preventing such an incident? By monitoring how your users are utilising their time, systems and sensitive data and comparing the metrics against a set of pre-defined rules and policies incorporating machine intelligence to identify and notify of any activities that would place the business or it’s information at risk. User activity monitoring does exactly that.

User Activity Monitoring (UAM) is central to providing a safe computing environment in the workplace, operated alongside a robust computer acceptable use policy it is possible to highlight and educate users to the fact that they have an active role to play in keeping the business safe in the digitally connected world. A UAM solution makes it possible for IT and management to continue to deliver flexible user access within your data dependant business and maintain a level of trust with your employees whilst continually monitoring and verifying the actions undertaken with your sensitive data.

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