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Consultancy Services

At Seccura we have the necessary tools, knowledge and expertise required to understand and advise on your requirements in order build a security service that meets the challenges placed upon your business. Complemented by our historical depth of experience in data management we are uniquely placed to assist customers of all types to recognise the benefits of implementing a Managed Employee and Data monitoring system.

Managed Service

Our managed service provides a pro-active approach to the monitoring and management of your users' activity and your business data. Once deployed, our service will maintain visibility of all activity and immediately identify risks to your business from insider threats and data movement. When a rule or policy is violated, automated triggers will create an alert notifying us to the threat and allowing us in turn to raise your awareness to the issue. We then provide you with accurate and specific detail of the incident, which will enable informed decisions and actions to be taken, thereby reducing the risk and impact to your business activity.

Our policy of ongoing management also delivers periodical refinement of the service through analysis of user behaviour, thereby ensuring the potential for threat incident is kept to a minimum.

Seccura managed service Seccura managed service

Services Engagement

  • Consult with key stakeholders within your business
  • Identify requirements and establish deliverables
  • Design and formulate system rules and policies
  • Configuration, testing and refinement
  • Rollout of smart agent to user endpoints
  • Activation of platform and alert triggers
  • Continuous monitoring of computer & data activity
  • Alerting, report delivery and ongoing management

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