SeccurWatch® from Seccura is a cloud based “Security as a Service” platform that delivers user activity monitoring to provide data loss prevention and maximise employee productivity.

Through SeccurWatch® we deliver a fully managed service that constantly monitors computer and user activity against a set of predefined rules and policies that will identify malicious and potentially harmful activity within a computer environment thereby protecting your sensitive data, personnel and business computer assets and ensuring the productivity of your workforce.

How the service works: We install an intelligent recorder agent on each user device and configure the agent to identify suspicious activity. The Recorder and Alerts agents then recognise any threat and issue notifications to the Seccura Incident Team. The Incident Team then scrutinize the alert notification detail and issue instruction on incident management to control and limit damage to your operation.

Cloud Platform

Secure & scaleable always on, Data Centre class infrastructure.

Realtime Security Alerting

Rules based fully customisable alerts engine. Create alerts for almost any set of requirements.

Threat Detection

Intelligent identification of suspicious activity. Persistent event inspection recognises threats to your business.

Managed Reporting

Bespoke reports for concise & relevant content you can use to make informed decisions.

Behavioural Analysis

Baseline user practice and distinguish abnormalities to identify heightened risk.

Regulatory Compliance Control

Protect data that is subject to statutory regulation; financial, personal or health records.

Data Loss Prevention

Track your business data and its use. Monitor and record user interaction with your sensitive data whether at the workplace or roaming.

Data Audit & Discovery

Search and audit user activity history to provide records of who has accessed data and when.

Privilege Misuse

Ensure computer assets are used responsibly. Enforce computer use policies to protect employees from inappropriate activity.

Commissioned Rule & Policy Enforcement

Control and measure workflow activity for standardisation in the workplace.

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